Scenic flights from Santiago, Dominican Republic (STI)

Route 1 - Santiago Aerial Sight Seen Flight

ROUTE 1 Duration: 25 minutes Approx. Area: City of Santiago de los Caballeros This aerial tour takes off from Cibao International Airport (STI), flying over the city of Santiago, enjoying a phenomenal view and observing the main attractions of the city (Monument to the Heroes of Restoration, Cathedrals, Stadiums Cibao and Arena del Cibao, Cibao Old Airport, Hermanos Patiño bridge, Yaque del Norte river, Industrial Free Zone, etc.) 

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Route 2 - Sight Seen Flight over Moca City - Tavera Dam - Santiago City

ROUTE 2 Duration: 40 minutes Approx. Area: City of Santiago de los Caballeros, City of Moca, Taveras Dam. Our airplane takes off of from Cibao International Airport (STI) to fly over the city of Moca, home to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. All its glass windows were originally brought from Italy, representing the apostles and the way of Jesus to the crucifixion, then we will fly south-west towards the Tavera Dam, in this dam the waters of the Yaque del Norte River are used, in the province of Santiago. These waters are supplied for human consumption and for hydroelectric power of almost all the Central Cibao, and irrigate a good part of their land Then, we will fly to the city of Santiago enjoying a phenomenal view, we will observe the main attractions of the city (Monumento to the Heroes of Restoration, Cathedrals, Cibao Stadiums and Arena del Cibao, Cibao Old Airport, Patiño Brothers Bridge, Yaque del Norte River, Industrial Free Zone, etc.). following a landing at STI airport. 

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Route 3 - Aerial Sight Seen Flight over - Sosua Beach - Cabarete Beach - Santiago City

ROUTE 3 Duration: 1 Hour Approx. Area: Septentrional mountain chain, Pico Diego de Ocampo, Sosua Beach, Encuentro Beach, Cabarete Beach, El Choco National Park, City of Santiago de los Caballeros. This aerial tour takes off from Cibao Internacional Airport (STI) ascending to 4,500 feet to cross Septentrional mountain chain (weather permits we might see Pico Diego de Ocampo) heading towards to fly over Sosua beach, one of our most famous beaches, flying the coast we will see Encuentro beach (famous for its surfing) and later Cabarete beach (famouse for its kitesurfing) then, El Choco National Park, the bars in the beach and if there is wind the kitesurfers on the water, followed, we continue back to fly over the city of Santiago and later landing at Cibao International Airport (STI).

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Departing from Puerto Plata (POP)

Puerto Plata sightseen (Departing POP airport)

Salida desde el aeropuerto Gregorio Luperón, Puerto Plata (POP) Duración: 1/2 Hora Aprox.  Zona: Costa de Puerto Plata: Sosua, Cabarete, Maimon, La boca.    Despegamos desde el Aeropuerto Internacional Gregorio Luperon, seguimos hacia Sosua, una de nuestras playas mas famosos, y posterior Cabarete con su parque Nacional el Choco, los bares en la playa y el Kitesurf que se puede ver desde el aire. Llegaremos a La boca para despues retornar de este a oeste directo hacia la costa de la ciudad de Puerto Plata, Maimon y Amber Cove. 

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