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Francisco Alberto Aybar Herrera

CEO - DO - Pilot

Founder of Tigua Aerotours, currently serves as general manager, operations director and pilot. With Bachelor's in Industrial engineer, trained in SMS implementation for aeronautical companies and  extensive knowledge of logistics in the service industry. More than 850 hours of flight time, Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Ratings.

Keyla Idalina Aybar Herrera

Partner - Human Resources Advisor

Organizational Psychologist, Master in Corporate Communication and Master in Emotional Intelligence and Education. Founding partner together with Francisco A. Aybar, supports the processes of human resources and corporate image of the company.

Specializes in private consulting for companies in the matters of Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship Projects and Corporate Brand Improvement.


Estrellita Batista

Finance - Accounting

Certified Public Accountant, currently  handles all accounting and tax matters. 

International Accounting degree, with a Masters in Business and Economic Relations.

Edward Estrella


Commercial pilot license with more than 370 flight hours, Theory certified instructor, experience in C-150, C-152, C172, C172RG, PA-28, PA28R, aircrafts. 

Jennifer Pena

Reservation Agent

Business Administration Degree, customer service, handles reservation and payments for air tours and charter flights at the offices of Tigua Aerotours SRL. 

Lic. Emilio Zucco

Legal - (subcontract)

partner of Franco, Serulle & Zucco, consulting law firm, off-counsel lawyer of Tigua Aerotours, S.R.L., attorney in law, master in civil procedure, expert in business law and aeronautics.