• What days do you offer your services?

Our air services are on demand. You only have to book and pay 12 hours in advance (subject to availability). Our service is 7 days a week, from 8am to 7pm (some services such as day trips or some charter services are not offered after a certain hour for reasons of time.

  • What services do you offer?

We have 3 groups of air services:

1. Air Tours or Scenic Flights: Aerial trips where we take off from a point to fly over one of our routes and then return to the same starting point.

2. Day Pass Tours: Excursions all included, where we take you to different tourist destinations. Includes: aircraft and pilot/guide, refreshments, transfer between airport and tourist destination, lunches.

3. Charter or Private Flight: Use our fast internal flight service between 7 international airports and 10 domestic airports between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

  • Where do the air tours, day pass tours and charter flights departs from?

Our main air tours (routes 1,2,3) depart from the Cibao International Airport (STI). To board the plane, you must go to the General Aviation terminal (you will have a map on your boarding ticket or payment receipt).

We offer a scenic flight of 30 minutes departing from the Gregorio Luperon Airport (POP).

The DayPass tours have 3 departure options from this airport: Santiago (STI), Puerto Plata (POP) and Higuero in Santo Domingo (JBQ).

Charter flights depart from the airport you have selected on your charter flight ticket.

  • Can I do an air tour without a reservation?

No. You must book your flight or aerial tour so we can guarantee the availability of our aircraft.

  • How can I book a flight ?

Easy! You can book on our website, also by calling our offices at 809-724-2291, or sending your info through our social networks (Instagram and Facebook) or Whatsapp 829-701-4141.

  • What type of aircraft do we fly?

At the moment Tigua Aerotours SRL operations are carried out on a Cessna 172N, 4-seater, light aircraft. It's a four place aircraft, this means seating for pilot plus 3 passengers.

  • What happens if there is bad weather or rain on the day of my air tour, daypass or charter flight?

If this happens, we change the time of the flight or the day. You have the right to change without any additional charge, as long as it does not affect another reservation. Note: Our flights are made in VFR conditions (Visual or good weather).

  • Prices are per person or whole aircraft?

The prices that are published is for the whole aircraft/tour, You are basically renting the service of the aircraft with the pilot either for one of our air tours or charter flights. Up to 3 people can ride on our plane.

  • Can kids fly?

Of course! It is perfect for children. If want to send your kids on an air tour or charter, we will need consent of their parents or guardians. Passenger in front must be over 7 years of age. NOTE: By regulation and security, minors must occupy a seat just like an adult. Each passenger with seatbelt.

  • What is the price for kids/children?

The price is the same for both kids and adults. Our fare policy is based on the whole aircraft, so there are no discounts for children.

  • Are there weight limitations for passengers?

It depends. But if one or more passengers weighs more than 275 Lb, we must take this into consideration to see if 3 passengers can go. Also consider baggage limitations. This should be discussed with the Operations Director or the Pilot In Command the day of the flight.

  • How can I pay for an Aero Tour?

Through our website is the easiest, you can book and pay with credit card at

You can also pay by going through our administrative offices in R. Cesar Tolentino esq. Restoration # 19, Monumental Area (Building in front of Ahí-Bar) or direct deposit at Popular bank account in the name of Tigua Aerotours SRL account #: 776-999-252. Add reference with your name and lastname.

  • Can I make a route of my own?

Yes. You just have to contact us and we design the route tailored to your requirements.

  • Any documentation requirement such as passport / visa?

1. Charter flights in the DR, Day Pass and air tours:

No passport or visa required. Like any world citizen, you must carry your identity card in case some of the airport security officers ask you.

2. Charter between Dominican Republic and Haiti:

Unexpired passport and visa (depends on your nationality)