History of Tigua Aerotours SRL

Tigua Aerotours was born with the idea of ​​representing and awakening the market for tourist aviation in the Dominican Republic. Its founder, Captain Francisco Aybar, holding a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the PUCMM (2004) and currently a Commercial Pilot with more than 860 hours of flight time, had the idea to venture into this world of commercial aviation. With his first experience as an air operator (part 91) when acquiring a Cessna 172N registration HI-829 in June 2010.

At that time, while performing logistics, administrative functions and supply chain coordination for the family business (Ahi-Bar Cafe & Grill), he trained, practiced and participated in various air events of the Quisqueya Aeroclub as well as other aerial activities, this resulted in an accumulation of flight hours and experience as a private pilot and air operator (part 91).

The next step was to make a business of this hobby or passion, and on July 10, 2012 the Tigua Aerotours S.R.L company was born under legal statutes. which manages to adquire Air Work Certificate (IDAC, TIGG016A, of March 24, 2014), its first certification as operator of aerial works (aerial photography, aerial advertising, and skydiving operations).

We carried out various operations for the Monte Grande Consortium, which carried out an aerial photo work for the Sabana Yegua dam in San Juan de la Maguana. Other aerial work includes photographic study of the river Yaque del Norte for Coorasan, aerial photos of amber mines in Hato Mayor, launch of flyers in different towns of the country for carnival and political advertising, as well as aerial photos for farms).

The company, with its vision and motivation to increase its number of commercial operations, inquires into the FAR 91.147 regulation of the United States (which allows tourist flights within a radius of less than 25 miles, leaving and returning to the same airport), which has not been registered in the RAD (Dominican Air Regulation); Our founder writes a letter to the IDAC (Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation) to amend the Operations Specifications of the certificate 137 to include this type of operation, which was approved by his Principal Operations Inspector at the time and on January 1, 2015 Tigua Aerotours starts its Aerotours operations in the city of Santiago, offering sightings flights.

This operation was a complete success, to the extened that we hired another pilot, we had as well as several public interviews and articles in the Listín Diario of the city of Santiago.

After 4 months of operations, the company receives a communication from the IDAC, to suspend the operations of scenic flights, and also communicating: that if the company wanted to continue this type of operation, we needed to obtain a certificate of air operator of charter flights  under RAD 135.

Following this blow to the company and its operations, management decided to begin the process of certification process for an air operator certificate under RAD 135, and on June 5, 2015 the letter of intent was sent to begin phase 1 of certification RAD 135. After preliminary meetings, on November 2, 2015 the company submits its formal application for the RAD 135 certification.

During that time, the company continues its operations of launching flyers, aerial photographs and launching parachutists. Our manager / pilot / founder also continues to train on safety matters, to comply with the requirements of the safety management system that the company is implementing.

Following the process of obtaining these permits, on March 21, 2016, the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), through a public hearing procedure, knows and approves the issuance of a Certificate of Economic Authority (CAE), through Resolution No. 53-2016, for the company to operate non-regular passenger and domestic and international cargo transportation services in accordance with the Dominican Air Regulation (RAD 135).

After reaching stage 4 of the certification process, the company sends the engine and the propeller of its main aircraft (HI-829) to perform an overhaul (This decision is made to provide the best and most reliable service to our passengers). By March 12, 2017, now counting on an aircraft in the best conditions (new engine and new propeller), the demonstration flight of the company's operations is completed.

On July 19, 2017, the company completed phase 4 of the certification process as an air operator under RAD 135, to begin the last part of the certification (phase 5).

After the last phase, on August 22, 2017 the company receives the Air Operator Certificate (AOC # TIGA028A) from the IDAC, following a deposit of a copy of the certificate to the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) to comply with the requirements of this Institution.

On September 15, 2017 the company receives the Certificate of Economic Authority (CAE # No.30), with which the company demonstrates economic authority to conduct commercial air transport services.

Upon completion of this process, on September 18, 2017, the company receives its Operations Specifications, which formally authorizes the start of its operations.